Hi there! My name is Yang Fan, pronounced as Young Fun. Fan means sailboat sail⛵ in Chinese; my family name, Yang, is the magnificent tree in Chinese mythology where all the suns lived.

My day job is an instructional designer at a university, where I design learning experiences with technology. I love learning, design, and technology so much that I even went all the way to get a Ph.D. in it, literally, in Learning Design and Technology. I am also a blogger (as you already know), and the co-host and producer of the “Funny Ancient Scholars” podcast. If I’m not designing, blogging, or podcasting, you’ll probably find me sweating (or chilling out) on my yoga mat.

After spent decades in China, Japan, and Hawai‘i, my husband and I decided to venture out into the Midwest of the United States. I’m a city person by blood — my family has been living in Beijing for three generations. Now I live in a quiet neighborhood and for the very first time in my life, in a house, not an apartment, and with the full package — the wood deck, trees in the backyard, and scary basement. I’m loving it, although my parents think I live in the woods and worry about me being attacked by coyotes.