Hi there! My name is Yang Fan, pronounced as Young Fun. Fan means sailboat sail⛵ in Chinese; my family name, Yang, is the magnificent tree in Chinese mythology where all the suns lived.

My day job is an instructional designer at a university, where I design learning experiences with technology. I love learning, design, and technology so much that I even went all the way to get a Ph.D. in it, literally, in Learning Design and Technology.

After spent decades in China, Japan, and Hawai‘i, my husband and I decided to venture out into the Midwest of the United States. I’m a city person by blood — my family has been living in Beijing for three generations. Now I live in a quiet neighborhood and for the very first time in my life, in a house, not an apartment, and with the full package — the wood deck, trees in the backyard, and scary basement. I’m loving it, although my parents think I live in the woods and worry about me being attacked by coyotes.